Kick-Off Playlist!

What better way to start the journey of this site than with a little music? I decided that the best way to  give all the prospective readers of this website a look into who I am as a person, is by sharing the music that I listened to while brainstorming what I really want this site to become, and the kind of content I want to post here. So I’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of some of the tunes that inspired me to form this site, which is essentially going to be a digitized curation of my brain. Isn’t the internet great?

There you have it, few of many songs that really drove the process of conceiving this website – which has been in the works for a very, very long time. #CollegeKidProblems

Aside from really getting me going on the site, whether it was because I connected with the music personally; or if I thought a song was so catchy that I still needed one more platform to tell the world about these artists that I think deserve the most success in the world. These are just songs I listen to every day. And I really do mean every day, or at least Monday through Friday when I’m at school. I live in Southern California where, for the most part, we have nice weather all the time – so driving with the windows down is a luxury I definitely take advantage of. Since I often drive to school with my windows down, I had to compile a playlist called “Hip Clipz” (RIP Hit Clips) that I could easily switch to. Why? Because most of the time, I just feel like I really need to start the morning listening to songs like “Hey Juliet” by LMNT, “He Loves You Not” by Dream, and the like. All conveniently on yet another playlist titled “Elementary School Hitz,” apparently I am just obsessed with using a Z in the place of an S.

I feel like I’ve already revealed too much of myself in that last paragraph. So go forth, my internet friends – and anticipate more music curation on this site coming from someone whose music tastes are equal parts  barista paying back student loans by pouring art into lattes that you’re just going to cover with a lid anyways, and someone who never developed past age 11. Here’s to holding out hope that Zanessa will eventually find their way back to each other so that Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez will once again be canon IRL.



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