The Phone Case We’ve All Been Waiting For

A lot of my downtime is spent searching for some really innovative projects on various different crowdfunding platforms. While browsing Kickstarter, I stumbled on Nexpaq. This case looks like the case that iPhone users everywhere are looking for.  The Nexpaq is a completely modular phone case, so it adds all the features you really want, so you don’t have to spend money adding things you don’t.

Want more memory? You can add that. More battery power? You can add that too. In fact, you can add more battery power, onto the 1,000 mAh already built into the case! The makers of the case are aiming to bring this case technology to both Android and iOS users. Of course, the iOS route will always be easier considering how many different Android phones are on the market.

To learn more about this case, click here! I’m going to continue my raid through all of Kickstarter’s staff pick’s now.



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