Brands That Look Good, While Doing Good

Photos by Mai Linh Nguyen, modeled by Angelina Nguyen Photos by Mai Linh Nguyen, modeled by Angelina Nguyen

In the world today, it’s pretty unlikely that we put much thought into what happens before or after we buy anything. Once something is purchased, it’s our’s to keep and that’s that. Sadly, most brands follow this pattern as well. Once a product is sold, that’s just simply more money in their pocket. But what if there were brands that did more? What if we did more? What if we all collectively put more thought into where our belongings come from, and how brands will follow up after products are sold?

Luckily, the simplest way we can do this is by simply paying more attention. Brands like Just Porter and Krochet Kids Intl. are brands that really consider the quality of their products, and how they’re made. Even more, these brands are cognizant of the legacy that they want to leave behind. Krochet Kids helps women in impoverished communities in places like Uganda and Peru learn a trade, earn a fair wage, and actually afford the opportunity to plan a future. Just Porter wants to bring a new, high quality backpack to the world – while remembering that there are kids all around the world who are missing all the items that we put in our backpacks everyday. So, for every backpack sold, another is shipped full of school supplies to a child in need.

Products like the Edna beanie and Pico backpack are just two examples of items that we can use daily, and feel good about knowing where they came from and what the purchase of these things we often take for granted meant to another soul somewhere else. With Krochet Kid’s Edna, as with all their other (incredibly soft and comfortable) beanies, comes a signed tag – signed by the woman who crocheted the beanie herself. How cool is that? To know that the wine red beanie you see in these photo’s, I’ll be carrying Akello Jamet’s work with me so long as I  have it.

There are many people who will put form over function, but what if that function was something that made the world better? To find more information about Krochet Kids Intl., Just Porter, and other brands that will keep you looking good while doing good – check out the links below.




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