The Cast Of “Pitch Perfect 2” Shows Off Their Impression Skills

The cast of “Pitch Perfect 2” is in full press tour mode, gearing up for the release of the movie this Friday. While they were at Vanity Fair, VF decided to put the cast’s impression skills to the test. With Brittany Snow doing a shockingly good Britney Spears impression. But let’s be real, YouTuber Flula Borg totally stole the show with his Sinatra impression. He actually steals the show multiple times in the movie (look out for a review on Wednesday!)

Speaking of Flula, who is also a DJ, if you haven’t seen him making a “hot hot jam” with the Pitch Perfect 2 cast – it’s the actual best.  Flula is one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with (“worked with” used very loosely, I just had to make sure he didn’t wander off), or met. I’m so excited for the world to really see what the pool of YouTube talent has to offer, and so grateful that Elizabeth Banks realizes the web is just a goldmine of untapped potential.

So much so that a plethora of YouTubers are featured in Ester Dean’s “Crazy Youngsters” music video, and not just YouTubers with a ridiculous amount of subscribers. The music video features Lana McKissack, Jamie Pine, and both the Gregory and Wassabi brothers. 

Can you tell that I’m excited for this movie to be out? I’ve already seen it, but I fully intend to break  my record of seeing the first movie in theaters (I think I saw it a solid 9 times in theaters.)



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