CBS Gives Us A First Look Into “Supergirl”

Did you press play? Were you as confused as I was and still am? I can’t tell if this is a superhero show – or some weird mashup of Sky High, Ugly Betty,  and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.  Also, if this video doesn’t just scream “CBS,” I don’t know what does.   But, knowing me, myself and I as well as I do – I’m probably going to watch it anyway.

Honestly, I’m just excited to see Melissa Benoist score a leading role. I remember just being absolutely enamored with Benoist when she was still on Glee as Marley Rose. She was probably the saving grace of that show while she was on it. Of course, she’s since landed supporting roles in the multiple Oscar winning Whiplash,   as well as Danny Collins  and The Longest Ride  . Also, it would seem her potential love interest finds himself in the form of Jeremy Jordan.

While I’m not super familiar with much of Jeremy Jordan’s work, I did really enjoy his Jamie in Jason Robert Brown’s on-screen adaptation of his own The Last Five Years.  I could actually, probably listen to Jordan’s version of “Moving Too Fast” and “The Schmuel Song” all day. In fact, I might just do that. Mostly because I watched that movie three months ago and I’m still hurting (yeah, I hate my jokes too).

I’m actually not even sure if I’m more interested in the show or the cast. Someone probably could have just said that Ally McBeal is Supergirl’s boss and that Lexie Grey is her sister — I would have actually considered tweeting some fan made hashtag to push for a rush on production. Also, the thought that this strange Devil Wears Prada- esque (seemingly anyway) show even has the potential to crossover into the CW’s Arrow or The Flash is so amusing that I might actually start watching those shows. (I’m not a huge DC fan, sorryboudit.)

The best part about this whole thing, is this looks like a rip-off of SNL’s Black Widow movie sketch…EXCEPT IT’S ACTUALLY REAL.

We’re in for an interesting season of fall TV, y’all.



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