“Aloha” Proves An All-Star Cast Can’t Save An Unorganized Mess

You know when you’ve been hearing about a movie in the works for so long, that you can’t help but be infinitely excited for it? That was me with Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha.” I constantly checked the IMDb page of the long time “Untitled Cameron Crowe Project” to see the cast grow and grow, and for what I thought was for the better. Alas, I saw the movie at a matinee showing yesterday and found myself checking the time on my phone (something I absolutely loathe to do) incessantly to calculate how minutes were left until I could leave the theater. Obviously, I could have just walked out – but I like to give movies their fair shot, also I just wanted to like this movie so badly. 

I mean, I just had an unrelenting faith in this cast. So much so, that I actually went to see this movie after being forewarned by a friend (whose judgement I deeply trust) told me how bad it was. I just didn’t want to believe it. With most movies with actors that I enjoy in it, I tend to find a way to find at least one thing that makes the movie watchable. To be honest, this movie was so unorganized, that I can’t even gauge how good or bad these performances were. That’s the entire problem with this movie. You don’t have a single clue of what’s going on the entire time. Once the credits started rolling, I still couldn’t figure out what I spend an hour and forty five minutes of my life watching.

That’s another thing by the way, the movie wasn’t even slow – just disorganized. So much so that it made its hour and forty-five minute run time feel like 3 hours. I mean seriously, this movie had a shorter running time than “Pitch Perfect 2” and managed me make it feel like an eternity.

Of the cast, I’ve just always been partial to Emma Stone. I mean come one, who can’t love a girl who became an actor after convincing her parents with a PowerPoint presentation with Madonna’s “Hollywood” as the backing track? Amazing. Still, her on-screen charm just wasn’t enough. It’s kind of disheartening, because her character is very likable – there’s just not enough cohesion there for her, or any other character for audiences to connect with.

It’s summer movie season, there are plenty of other flicks in theaters that are worth the watch over Cameron Crowe’s latest effort. I say skip it, not just in theaters, but just in life. This isn’t even a “one and done” type deal. This is just a movie with caution tape all over it. It’s not even a movie you can watch knowing it’ll be bad, then finding enjoyment in its faults. It’s just a massively incoherent mess of a movie that isn’t worth your time.



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