“Jurassic World” – Is This The Reboot We’ve Been Waiting For?

Does the world, or internet, really need another “Jurassic World” review? Hell no. Am I going to ramble about the now multiple record breaking movie anyway? You bet. I wasn’t going to originally, because it’s something that everyone was going to go see regardless. This is a movie that had probably the most perfect set up to do as well as it has. It’s a reboot, almost every movie that’s done well in 2015 so far has been either a reboot or sequel. It’s a movie that’s bridging generation gaps, there’s mutual interest between parents and kids to go see this movie. It’s a franchise that’s been out of the spotlight for long enough to make a good case to see it in theaters. But I want to talk about the goals of a movie like this – what are they?

For the sake of this post, we’re just going to stick to “Jurassic World” and “Jurassic Park.” The original, I just realized last night, came out the day after I was born. 22 years is a long time between the two movies. Which means, depending on what people my age and under were exposed to as kids, that’s a lot of younger eyes who haven’t seen the original. So in my head, the goal of movies like “Jurassic World” is to just be fun enough to spark some interest in those that haven’t seen the original, to want to see the original. If that’s so, they achieved their goal and I wouldn’t be surprised if VOD and home sales of “Jurassic Park” spikes after this movie.

How do I know they achieved this goal? Because my 17 year old sister, whose world revolves around Korean pop stars, actually asked me a few days after seeing “Jurassic World” if we could watch the original. I’m talking about someone that I sometimes have to bribe in order to have company when watching a movie at home. I’m not sure that anything she’s done in the recent past has made more excited than when she asked to watch “Jurassic Park’ on her own accord. Even better, she seemed have the same reactions that I did watching the original – even after just seeing the absolutely insane amount of CGI effects used in “Jurassic World.”

I really think that’s all we can ask for from a movie like this, and I think they hit the nail on the head. It’s a movie, with so much happening that you can’t even process whether or not what you just saw was good or bad – but it was a lot of fun.

Also, since I’m already here – can we just talk about Bryce Dallas Howard for a second? I mean FINALLY, she did a role where we’re not supposed to just completely abhor her in. I was actually going to re-watch “50/50” the other day, but decided that I like liking Bryce Dallas Howard too much to ruin it so soon after. Not only that, THOSE SHOES THOUGH. GIRL. My feet were throbbing the entire movie, imagining the pain of what it most have been like to spend so much of an action movie sprinting (very quickly,I might add) for so long. I mean, if you were in that situation, would you REALLY keep your heels on? Between messing up my feet forever by taking off my heels, and having to run in heels for hours and hours – no heels wins every time.

So, I’m obviously very pro-seeing-this-in-theaters. If only for the reason that they’ve already gotten so many people back to the cinema already, and that’s an exciting thing for someone who religiously checks numbers like me. If only originals got this kind of response, but we’ll take it one step at a time.

P.S. Does anyone REALLY buy that Judy Greer would be married to the boss from “The Office”? That honestly distracted me for SO MUCH of the movie. I DON’T BUY IT.



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