Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” Shows The Complexity Of Emotional Growing Pains

I might be a week late with this review, but better late than never right? Actually, on the internet – that is very wrong. I MISSED MY WINDOW FOR TRAFFIC. Alas, I will write this anyway, anything to procrastinate on math homework! Long story short, it wasn’t my favorite Pixar movie – but I definitely enjoyed it. I think it’s one of those movies that people go see, and feel like this movie really understands them, but they don’t realize that literally everyone watching is in the same boat.

I like that there’s no bad guy. I like that there’s a movie like this that shows us sometimes our worst enemy lives within us. I think for younger kids, it gives parents new ways to communicate with their kids. I really appreciate the way this movie covered the emotional growing pains we all went through leading into our teenage years. I think this movie will provide an easier transition into teen angst for a lot of kids, because it’s like holding up a mirror for two hours.

The movie didn’t pull me in right away, but I also didn’t realize how invested I was until the turning point of the movie. Of course, since I’m a person who has a soul as dark as the night – this movie got me to the brink of tears – but didn’t push me over the threshold. This is actually surprising because everything i just said is a lie, and I will cry watching the dumbest shit.

I paid to see it Thursday opening weekend. I don’t know that I’d just have a spur of the moment need to see it again by myself, but i wouldn’t oppose paying for it again if a friend wanted to see it. I should also note that I don’t feel that watching this movie in 3D would affect the overall experience at all. This is probably a movie I’ll end up getting on Blu-ray because it’s bound to have surplus of behind the scenes extras.

If you’re a Pixar fan, this won’t disappoint. The most apt description I can give of this movie without spoilers is “Feel the feels, watching the feels feeling the feels.”



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