“Ant-Man” Is A Marvel Of A Heist Movie

There’s so much to say about Marvel’s latest addition to the MCU, the only thing is – they’re almost all good things. In fact, it is incredibly hard to find anything I disliked about this movie. However, there were some things that I feel like the world missed out on that could have been amazing for this movie.

First of all, this is just one hell of a heist movie. Maybe my favorite since the Ocaen’s movies. Of course it had the element of having a superhero, but it was just also a fun and engaging time in the theater. With external conflicts with the bad guys and internal conflicts within the good guys team, on top of that – it’s hilarious. It’s everything I want out of a heist movie.

Yes, this movie stars Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man – but the real star of this movie in my eyes in Michael Peña. Granted, I have a soft spot in my heart for Michael Peña. Of course he’s been on most people’s radar since “Crash” as well as mine, but ever since “End of Watch” I’ve made it a point to watch all of Peña’s projects. His timing and delivery in Ant-Man is outstanding, also his scenes give so much life to this film.

As an aside to Peña’s scenes, I just want to say how exciting it was to see Anna Akana on  the big screen. In a Marvel movie no less. Now, I know she probably doesn’t want to be see as that-one-YouTube-girl-in-Ant-Man but that was questionably the most exciting part of the movie to me, because I had no idea that was happening. Everyone who watched with me can attest to the fact that I was flipping the hell out upon recognizing her. I just think it’s so cool to see someone I know has been hustling for career in such a huge production. In fact, while I was watching she was continuing her hustle and doing a comedy show at the Nerdmelt in Hollywood. So. Cool.

Obviously, with this movie the big news at the beginning was that Edgar Wright would be directing it – then he wasn’t. And really, Peyton Reed did a great job. But just with the context of Ant-Man’s abilities – Wright’s camera choreography would have been absolutely amazing to see. Honestly, the movie is still great without it, I just think it would have been amazing to see.

Bottom line, it’s  such a fun movie – for both comic fans and a general audience. If you haven’t already seen it, be aware that there are two end credit scenes. Also, I know all the commercials say to watch it in 3D, but I enjoyed it without just fine. This is definitely one for the theaters. The cast is so great, Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly is such a badass, Corey Stoll is an amazing crazy person, and Michael Douglas is a great lynchpin. All that, and there are quite a few pleasant surprises for Marvel fans throughout the movie. I’ll probably end up watching this movie again in the coming weeks. This movie was an extremely pleasant surprise, and just might have edged it’s way to the top of my Marvel movie list.



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