The Gnarbox Is The Answer For On-The-Go Editors

Isn’t irony great? I  haven’t been posting due to necessary decompression from a convention/conference all about YouTube and web video  – and my first post back is about a device that I think can change the way those web content creators work.

While browsing through Kickstarter (as  I’d like to  incorporate more crowdfunding efforts on this site), and I stumbled across the Gnarbox. It allows users to get the footage from their HD cameras onto their phones for on-the-go editing and sharing. What’s even cooler is, you can just cut together all the clips that you want in your final project – then transfer the edit over to your editing software on your computer. Which leaves you with less work to do on your lap or desktop.

I think this would be absolutely amazing for daily vloggers, as many people who daily vlog are just compiling the clips that they recorded throughout the day. I think being able to edit as they go throughout their day would  free up so much time, they’d only really need to get on an actual computer to make their thumbnails. I know that if I did daily vlogging, this is the way I’d go.

There are only a few days left the back the Gnarbox on Kickstarter, but with an MSRP of $249 – the Gnarbox won’t break the bank if you don’t choose to get it now.



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