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It works. It finally works. Four days (now six) after I initially planned to relaunch my website, it finally works. Thank goodness for friends that know their way around hosting and domain settings, as well as code! Without help, relaunching this site would have taken much longer than it did. There are still changes to be made to the site, but I just wanted to get it up and running and out in the world. So, we’ll work on it as we go. If you notice any changes or hitches to the site, that’s why!

Speaking of why – why did I want to relaunch my website? Well, I feel like I’ve spent so much of my recent life (the better part of the last three years) creating content for other people. While I enjoyed having a built in audience and reach, I decided I wanted to write and make content for myself. I want to apply what I’ve learned over the past few years, and build up my own audience and reach. That, and I want to be able to write about the things I care about in the tone that I would if I were telling a friend about it. Not in a super-editorial-but-also-trying-really-hard-to-be-hashtag-relatable tone.

While this isn’t the only site/blog run by one person out there, as I drew inspiration for the redesign around some of my favorite one person blogs – I always thought that something was missing from a lot of those sites. While most have at least part of the person’s name in the site title – I actually could never get a sense of who they are through their posts. Sure, I knew where their interests lie based on what they wrote about. However, those were all disconnected bits and pieces. They didn’t string together the story of who the person behind the words is. So, I decided that that’s what I want to cornerstone of my blog to be.

In the top menu, you’ll notice that “Personal” is the first tab you see. As more and more content is added to this site, my hope is that the “Personal” posts tie everything together. My hope is that this site becomes an encapsulation of myself for as long as I can write. They say the internet is forever. Let’s hope so. Because I want to read this back when I’m 60 and remember what a dumb internet-driven person I was.

While the other categories seem far less significant than “Personal,” they’re what I care about. I care about the connections technology can forge. Many people can and have tried to argue the other way about technology and how it’s ripping us away from being socially capable human beings, but that hasn’t been my experience. I also care about the escapism of entertainment. Almost as much as I care about the business of entertainment, and about how the way things are being done now will impact how things can be done in the future. I care about lifestyle, because I like self improvement – and I LOVE convenience. (Side note: I started meal prepping recently. Did you know how much time and money you can save by meal prepping?! Of course you did. That’s the whole point of meal prepping. But I’m averaging $2.21 a meal, y’all. Okay, back to the post!)

I started making actual videos again! AND I have videos done for the next month!
I started making actual videos again! AND I have videos done for the next month!

This site will also serve as a hub for most things I do online, in case anyone in my family wants to stalk me. All my social media is linked to this site, my newsletter is linked to this site, and my YouTube videos will also exist somewhere on this site.

So here’s to the start of many blog posts that hopefully show who I am as a person. Fair warning that this site will be very entertainment heavy, because I don’t even know how I consume as much media as I do on any given day. Also, if these posts turn out to be abnormally horrendous – we can all blame my sixth grade Engish teacher. It’s her fault for fostering my love for words, even if they’re mediocre.  (Also, thanks Ms. Shinagawa! Can you believe someone actually paid me to write words for three years?!) If anything, the site works! And it looks good! All thanks to my friend Sami, who continually reassured me that the adjustments I’d ask for were much less work than I though they’d be. (Also, thank you for taking payment in the form of promised food.)

Feel free to follow me on social media for more inner workings of my brain parts. Subscribe to my newsletter, which I’m starting on a monthly basis and making more frequent if I have the time to do so. The newsletter will be a curation of everything I loved online that month. Not all from my own site. I promise, I’m not that conceited. Okay, I think that’s all the shameless self promotion I’ve got. Here goes nothin’.



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