REVIEW: “Chelsea” on Netflix

Chelsea Handler has a new talk show. What does that mean for Netflix’s future? Will more digital platforms follow Netflix’s lead and release hosted shows with a daily or weekly release? I, for one, am extremely interested in how this new endeavor unfolds.

I’ve seen all the episodes that are currently available and I think the show is about as good as it can be for where it’s at. I do think the subjects covered feel a tad dated, only because it premiered just last week and things like “Captain America: Civil War” and Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook has been out – but it’s still really good.

Where it shines is when Chelsea is in conversation. I don’t think you host a talk show for 8 years without becoming a great conversationalist. Chelsea also does something really great, which she did her in previous Netflix series “Chelsea Does”, which is have dinner parties. You see a side of people, and hear things that you just wouldn’t get out of a normal interview.

Where I find the show a bit awkward, is when Chelsea is talking straight to the audience. I don’t think it’s because she’s awkward herself, but I think the pacing of not having commercial breaks throws her off. And even she’s admitted that she hasn’t really found her groove with this new show yet. Overall, I really think it’s worth the watch – and I think other digital platforms need to at least start thinking about releasing shows this way. One final criticism I have is with Netflix itself, I don’t think the user interface of the app caters to a show like this just yet – being that every day there’s a new episode out, I have to search for it. Instead of it being presented to me.

Also, if you haven’t already – I’d recommend listening to Chelsea’s episode of “Anna Faris is Unqualified.” It really gives so much insight to who Chelsea Handler is as a human being, and what caliber of human she really is. Her views on fame and fortune will definitely make you want to be a more productive, and giving person.



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