REVIEW: Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising

2 neighbors

The “Neighbors” sequel follows the same formula as the first, but sheds a light on the sexism that goes on in the university Greek system. Even better, it does it pretty intelligently. This isn’t a movie that I would have seen on my own, just because the first movie was just alright to me and this movie looked pretty ┬ámuch the same in trailers, but good reviews convinced me to head to the theater. Overall, I found it to be surprisingly enjoyable.

Obviously, the one performance to talk about with this movie is newcomer to the franchise – Chloe Grace Moretz. I think this role, of those I’ve seen her in, are closest to who she is in real life – and that’s refreshing to me. I like seeing part of the actor themselves on screen. She’s a very vocal advocate of feminism on her social platforms, and while she might be getting called out by Kim Kardashian – she sticks to her guns. I think the same can be said for her character Shelby, aside from the Kim K stuff.

I thought while Selena Gomez’s addition was fun, it was sort of unnecessary. But hey, if you’ve got the budget – go for it. I just think it would have had the same impact with any other actress in the role. I did like the not so subtle dig made towards real-life sorority recruitment videos. Also, the scene that made me realize that as I’m typing this post out, I have to sound out the word “sorority” to get it right.

At it’s core, it’s a movie about friendship – even more, friendship among young women. I feel like even with movies like “Pitch Perfect” being such big hits, those movies are still not easy to come by. That’s a shame, but I’m glad we have another one out there. Is it worth your money to go see? I mean, I would watch it as a matinee maybe – but it’s nothing groundbreaking. But it’s doing about as well as you can expect it to, considering it’s going up against a movie adaptation of one of the best selling mobile games of all time. If crude humor isn’t your thing, I’d wait for DVD or Netflix – but overall, I don’t feel like it was money wasted at the box office.



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