Anne Hathaway Drops the Mic on James Corden

These stars went head to head in a clearly not pre-written at all rap battle. But, the verses were pretty good!

Watch as Anne Hathaway and James Corden participate in the most fire rap battle to ever hit a late night talk show. I say as iff this is a very common occurrence. Obviously, all the lines were already written for them and they just had to memorize them, but if I had to pick a winner – I’m going to have to go with James. His lines hit so hard, and make my heart weep with the truth.

The one line that really did it for me was the “One Day” line because Anne’s accent was straight up…

I hope this becomes a recurring segment for Late Late. But not to the point where it becomes some C list competition show on Spike. Sorry y’all, but “Lip Sync Battle” has gone DOWNHILL and hard since it started. Who should take him on next? My money is on Adele, since she’s proved to him that she’s got the skills in her carpool karaoke!



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