Meet the Bike of the Future

VanMoof has made the bike of your commuter dreams. It’s smart, electric assisted, and comes with disc brakes to get you from point A to point B in any condition!

Long story short, this bike is awesome. Even better, while the price may seem hefty – you have options! You can get this teched out bike with or without electric assistance. The top of the line Electrified S comes in at $2,500 – which is comparable to some other disc brake equipped road bikes. What’s nice about the Electrified S is that the only extra you really need to buy is a helmet, and you’re ready to roll!

If I had the money, the Electrified S would be a part of my every day. Especially with the electric assist helping you go up to 21 mph! I wouldn’t drive unless the weather was awful – and luckily for me, that doesn’t happen too often in Southern California! Would you pick one of these up for your commute?



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