Dumbfounded Shows Us the Brutal Truth in New “Safe” Music Video

This. This is the music video I’ve been waiting for, and the cherry on top of an already lit APAHM 2016.

Check out rapper Dumbfoundead’s latest music video for “Safe,” where he audibly tells you the truth and visually shows you how things could be if Asians got any decent amount of work at all in the entertainment industry. I only wish this video had come out before Monday so I could have shown it to my Public Speaking class. Because my speech was on, believe it or not, the whitewashing of Asian roles and mistreatment of Asians in Hollywood.

There are only a few days left in May and honestly, I almost couldn’t be happier with the way this APAHM has gone this year. Obviously, that’s relative – since (hopefully) a decade from now I’ll be surprised that trending hashtags and New York Times articles were all that were accomplished. But for now, I’m just so happy that so many AAPI are taking and making a stand. Not only that, but we’re not doing so quietly. Very few things have changed without someone being a little bit disruptive.

Happy APAHM 2016, y’all.



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