Awkafina and Margaret Cho Celebrate APAHM 2016 with “Green Tea” Music Video

We’re almost there, but May isn’t over quite yet. So celebrations of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month are still in order, and rapper Awkwafina and comedian Margaret Cho teamed up to bring us the magnificence that is the “Green Tea” music video, check it out:

“Green Tea” is a no holds barred anthem for all the AAPI women out there, to embrace who they are. With the release of this, and Dumbfoundead’s “Safe” – this has officially been my favorite APAHM of all time. However, we’re not just celebrating the release of music videos on the last day of APAHM 2016. Literally the most lit APAHM of my life.┬áreleased a PSA today featuring several AAPI in entertainment today to encourage people to get out and vote. I’m excited to see an AAPI focused campaign to push voting, because the fact of the matter is – we are one of fastest growing groups in the United States. Our voices should be heard, and we should work to make sure that it is. For one, I know I have my work cut out for me because of who the possible presidential candidates are – it seems my parents aren’t making plans to go out and vote this year. Non-attendance isn’t being apathetic, it’s being a part of the problem:

Here’s the PSA featuring some of film and TV’s favorite AAPI talent:

So yes, soak in the last day of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – but don’t lose sight of what this month signifies even when it’s not May. It’s easy to forget the conversation when we’re no longer in a month where media companies are making an effort to show people that they celebrate diversity. So, if you’re in a similar situation as myself – make sure that you and those around you do their civic duty and #VoiceYourVote.




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