“Non Transferable” – A RomCom for the Digital Age



You guys. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for an entire year. A little over a year ago, I was sitting in a West Hollywood office live streaming a podcast for work. Our guests? Brendan Bradley and Ashley Clements, the leads of the then upcoming film “Non Transferable.” Well, said movie is out now – and I’m so excited to tell y’all about it. All of the preceding to give you a disclaimer that I am an acquaintance of Brendan’s – so I went into this movie wanting to love it. However, I also want to be fair. So I don’t know whether I should be apologizing for being biased towards this movie, or just to Brendan in case my attempts to be impartial come off as harsh.

Alright, so premise. “Non Transferable” follows the story of Amy, a suddenly single twenty something, who’s in search of the perfect stranger who shares a namesake with her ex to come along with her on a two week trip to Europe. We get to go along with them on their trip to Turkey, which by the way, is a really cool factor of this movie. Check out this article that talks about Turkish Airlines helped make this movie possible.

So onto my thoughts. I don’t know if this is meant to be an “influencer movie,” but I will say that if it is…it’s the first one I’ve seen that hasn’t felt like one. Which, believe me, is a very good thing. It’s no cinematic marvel, but it seems to know exactly what it is – and it’s comfortable there. Most gripes I have with this movie are mostly technical. The only ones that aren’t are the fact that I might have experienced some mild PTSD while watching, because I totally forgot that my former workplace shot a fake segment for this film. Obviously, I don’t hold this against the movie – I just live in constant fear that my old work will follow me around forever. Literally. I went to get gas the other day and the credit card terminal started playing videos from my old work. The other, non technical gripe, I had – is just as stupid on my part, but honestly the weirdest part of the whole movie. I was watching this movie with a friend, and we had to pause at this moment in the film. There’s a shot where Bradley’s character shoves a now useless plane ticket into his pocket – and homeboy just mashes it in there. Really, just the most unconventional way to get literally anything into your pockets.

Okay, now that I’m done rattling just pure idiocy out of my brain – here are some actual issues I had. Like I said, almost all technical. There are definitely a few transitions throughout that for some reason, to me, feel like a reminder that this is an influencer film. They just seemed unnecessary and out of place. Another thing that seemed a little off throughout this movie, is the color. Whether or not that would take a general audience out of their watching experience, I don’t know, it’s just something I noticed. These are both relatively minor details that I would notice in any movie. However, if I’m not mistake, this is Brendan’s first full length, feature film that he’s written and directed. With that in mind, it’s as great as anyone could hope for their first effort without the backing of a major studio.

The story is cute, and is really the first movie that kind of shows social media in the light that I’d like to see it in more often. As a means to connect and find new places and new people. The performances are super fun across the board, and it was so great to see so many Pemberly Digital alums in one place. I only ever write these movie review blog posts to tell people whether or not a movie is worth seeing, and I’ll just leave you with the sentiment that “Non Transferable” is probably the first feature film ┬ámade my members in the digital space that I’ve been happy to pay to see. Flaws aside, it captures the online experience that I personally identify with. The movie is now available for digital download.




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