Does “Spider-Man Homecoming” Finally Get It Right?

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” brings us our third movie portrayal of ┬áSpider-Man in the past fifteen years. But does it finally capture the essence of everyone’s favorite friendly, neighborhood hero? The first thing to note in this review, is that Spider-Man is my absolute favorite. More specifically, the original 1963 run of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Basically, I’m a huge nerd.

Given that fact though, I will say that I’m still a little partial to Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Only because I feel like it stuck with a specific Spider-Man timeline, and because Gwen Stacy is one of my favorite female comic book characters ever. However, I think “Homecoming” has brought a lot to the MCU that fans can appreciate as a new storyline.

I do have a few gripes with the movie though. I know that this movie wasn’t meant to be an origin story, because we have enough of those – but I don’t think that they should have foregone backstory completely. Like, the only thing we know about Aunt May in this movie is that she’s hot. I liked all the characters, I just wish that they were more fleshed out. My other biggest gripe, is that the actual animation of Spider-Man seemed inconsistent throughout the movie. The very beginning seemed much less realistic than the rest of the movie. Also, I wish Peter was still a photographer instead of the secret pseudo-vlogger that they turned him into.

I do like all the nods to the original comics though. I LOVED the jacket that Michael Keaton wears throughout the movie, paying homage to the look of the original Vulture. I also love that you can pinpoint which moments throughout were written by John Francis Daley. It was as if Sam Weir wrote all the real, high school experiences of this film…because he did.

One thing the movie did amazingly well was representation. I feel like this is the most American looking super hero movie out so far in terms of representation. By that, I mean – they understand that the world today is multi-cultural. The only movie recently to portray an American high school accurately in my opinion is “The Edge of Seventeen.”

While I don’t think the characters have enough behind them to get you really invested in them off the bat, I do think this film sets it up really well for a longer movie franchise. I’m excited to see these characters’ journeys in later movies, and how they’ll incorporate them into the larger MCU.

I tried to keep my thoughts really spoiler free, but if you haven’t seen the movie yet – I feel that I should tell you that there are TWO END CREDIT SCENES. Only one moves the MCU forward, but the second one is so worth staying for.

This movie is definitely worth the watch in theaters. While I still love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, I have a lot of faith that Tom Holland will breathe new life into the role.



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