“The Little Hours” Brings Modern Humor to “The Decameron”

Honestly, any movie that the Catholic League refers to as “pure trash” is probably something  that I’d be down for. The idea of Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, and Katie Micucci playing a group of headstrong nuns was just the icing on the cake. “The Little Hours” brings modern humor and language to “The Decameron,” which is a collection of short stories collected during the Middle Ages.

A few things to note about me, I’m a big sucker for period piece movies, especially movies that gives a modern spin on older source material. For example, I LOVED Joss Whedon’s take on Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” Or “She’s The Man.” I only mention that movie, because I feel like not enough younger kids know that that movie is actually based off the Shakespeare play “The Twelfth Night.” That’s something you should know. Unless you really think that people are still naming their kids “Duke.” In the play….the was the Duke….of Orsino. ANYWAY, I’m also a huge supporter or Asians in entertainment. The director of photography for this movie is a fellow Vietnamese person, so I’m already partial to this movie.

Furthermore, I’m a big fan of Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena’s professional relationship. I was a big fan of the movie “Life After Beth” which was also written and directed by Jeff. I can’t remember if Aubrey was a producer on that film also, but she was a producer on “The Little Hours” and I was all for it. True fact, I met Aubrey Plaza three years ago and my friend’s camera app froze on his phone when he was trying to get a picture of us. She told me to “get my shit together before I talk to her again” – it was glorious. (She’s a very nice person, please don’t read into that quote the wrong way. She was clearly playing into the persona that the media has built around her since the beginning of her career.

While I definitely think this movie is intended for more of a niche audience, I really enjoyed it. It just seemed like a bunch of friends having fun, and it felt that way too. Baena brought over a lot of the same cast members from “Life After Beth” so it’s not super surprising that they all played off of each other well. This movie made me want to go and read “The Decameron” to see what liberties they took from the source material, and what was actually accurate. Because y’all….this movie is straight up ridiculous. In the best way, but still ridiculous.

Honestly, if you have some free time and want to support independent cinema – I would recommend watching “The Big Sick” first. Only because I feel like it’s a more important movie to see, while still being really funny. However, “The Little Hours” is still a fun time if you go into it knowing to expect some rated R humor. Otherwise, you or whoever you bring with you might end up being a little offended by it. Kind of like when older folk go to see “The Book of Mormon” not realizing that it’s a two hour musical shitting on an entire religion.

Whatever movie you decide to watch, if you made it this far – I feel like I should emphasize that you really should support independent cinema. Some of the best movies of the past several years have been largely independent movies.  🤘



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